Duco Lacuna (ex_duco_lac) wrote in regulus_100,
Duco Lacuna


Title: Truth
Author: duco_lacuna
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100 (of course!)
Prompt: Open
Summary: Regulus has a choice to make...

He had always been the good son. Always the first to voice his well-trained answer. He remembered noticing Sirius snorting at his pureblood righteousness more often than he had let on, but he had been too blinded to think about his words back then.


Now, he had a decision to make and the two choices he was given were not pretty. He could walk out now and go bring more “pride” to his parents and fellow servants of their Cause… Or he could allow himself to see the truth…


Regulus walked out the open door. The world deserved the truth.

Thought it was time someone wrote something for dear Regulus. I like him far too much to let him melt into the shadows! Plus, writing drabbles from prompts is great exercise for the brain... I hope there will be others to join me in the revival of Regulus!

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