Title: Truth
Author: duco_lacuna
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100 (of course!)
Prompt: Open
Summary: Regulus has a choice to make...

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Thought it was time someone wrote something for dear Regulus. I like him far too much to let him melt into the shadows! Plus, writing drabbles from prompts is great exercise for the brain... I hope there will be others to join me in the revival of Regulus!

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Regulus_100 Mod

Week Nineteen: Being the Youngest

Yikes! I am so sorry, this is about a year and a half late.

But we are back from hiatus!

As I write this I am crossing my fingers that there are still people out there that want to write about Regulus.

Since I am unsure about how active the posts are the this prompt will be active until June 1st. And from now on the new prompts will be posted on Sunday

And the prompt is Being the Youngest.

Good luck and happy drabbling!

PS luna100 and narcissa100 are also reopening!
Regulus_100 Mod

Week Eighteen: First Kiss

Thank you to purple_chalk, and bitterfic (x2!), for posting last week!

This weeks challenge was suggested by shishio and is First Kiss.

Week Nineteen

Being the Youngest

Week Twenty

Good luck and happy drabbling!

Ps...check out narcissa100!