Jazz (kitchensink13) wrote in regulus_100,

"Family Aid" (Narcissa, Regulus, G, 100)

Title: Family Aid
Rating: G
Prompt: Open
Author's Note:
x-posted to narcissa100 and my fanfiction/fic rec journal.

It won’t open. Regulus has tried every unlocking charm he knows, every hex that brings destruction. He even fed the locket to his mother’s old snake. The snake didn’t survive and the locket stayed closed. So now he reluctantly fire-calls Narcissa. She is uncharacteristically curled up by the fire, reading a thick tome.

“Reg?” She asks, surprised.

“I need help Cissy.” He assumes he appears more desperate than he thought, for she comes through immediately. He holds the locket out, and it swings in the quiet.

“I’ve got to open it. I’ve got to destroy it. Dark Lord’s orders.”
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