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Fallen From Grace

The Tarnished Pure

Regulus 100
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All Members , Moderated
°Basic rules
• Challenges are posted on Sunday.
• Post to the prompt from that challenge, not the previous one.
• Drabbles must be about the past, present or future of Regulus Black.
• No crossovers.
• No off topics can be posted.
• Do not pimp your community yourself. If you want it pimped, email the mod and she will gladly pimp for you when the next challenge is posted.
• Lurking is fine. You want to post you have to join.
• All drabbles should be 100 words

• Have fun, all ratings. Label and cut. *new*

• Go ahead, all ships. All ratings. Label and cut. *new*

°Het Graphic
• Is fine. Cut and label.

°Cut and Label
• If PG13 and higher please cut and label. In the label please tell us why it is PG13 or higher.
• In the case of incest and slash, just simply say that it is slash or incest.

°We are a ‘don’t like don’t read’ community.

• G- Fluff, no swears, you’d show to your five year old niece. Think Disney.
• PG- Kissing, a bit of making out. Maybe a few (no more than 2) sexual innuendos. SUBTLE innuendos.
• PG13- Talk of sex. Maybe kissing a few other body parts than your mouth. Swears. But you can’t say the fuck word more than twice.
• R- Sex. Cussing. Lots of talking of sex.
• NC17- Your characters aren’t talking of sex. They are too busy having it.

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All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment.


Email all questions to Thyme (pinchofthyme)

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